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Process Improvement Programmes

‘A little fire burns a lot of corn’

Ad-hoc improvement gives the impression of progress, but often fails to address the real issues with sustainable solutions. If you could measure the true time, money and attention devoted to these efforts, you would find they generally outweigh any benefits.

Get greater value from what you already have

We develop effective, right-sized process improvement programmes that reference world-class frameworks such as CMMI® for Services and CMMI® for Development.

Our programmes make the most of everything you have that is working well, and include the elements that ensure change is adopted and sustained. Improvement solutions are integrated with your chosen development methods (including Agile, RUP, and more traditional approaches), technologies, and existing quality systems and improvement efforts (that may be based on ITIL, ISO or other standards).

Tap into the best the world has to offer...

Avoria maintains a network of world-class partners in NZ, Australia, the United States and Europe to complement our improvement services.

...with your local experts

We are New Zealand’s local CMMI specialists, offering instruction certified by Carnegie Mellon University's CMMI Institute.


® CMMI is registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University

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